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The described route represents a nice opportunity for a transition with a starting point – Sunny Garden town Varshets. The level of difficulty is average. The length of the route is about 6 kilometers with 509 meters maximum displacement.
Varshets is situated in the beautiful valley at the foot of Mount Koznitsa, part of the western Stara Planina mountain with the highest peak – Todorini kulki. Famous with its healing mineral water, which has been used since Roman times, and with its vast natural park with numerous trees, under which shade everyone can find relaxation and rest.
The route starts from the Sunny garden of Varshets. It then crosses the Botunya River, along the town’s bridge, and takes a mild climb to Ivanchova Polyana. Tourist marking is well maintained. At the Ivanchova Polyana itself, tourists can rest on tourist benches and tables or benefit the sports facilities – levers and parallels. This is a wonderful picnic spot with a magical view of Mount Todorini Kukli.
At the waterfall there is a wooden bridge where you can take pictures, there is a gazebo and benches for rest. The waterfall itself is small but charming. It forms a small pond and is very picturesque with its merry, lush splashes in spring and its coolness in the summer. The water of the waterfall springs from the river Bashitsa.
The track then descends to Ivanchova Polyana where the cyclists take a dirt road. If weather is rainy, care must be taken in this area due to the created ruts, which are filled with water and become quite muddy. The road goes to an asphalt road, near the Zanozhene area, the town of Varshets, and goes right. It passes around the sports center of Varshets, where a remarkable base for practicing various sports, including an Olympic-size swimming pool has been established. Then, the route continues along the legendary promenade with centuries-old trees, whose bizarre shapes spark the imagination and relax the spirit of the town. Passing through the town center, cyclists return to the Solar Garden, near which they can decide to refresh themselves and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the town.
The starting point of the route is the town of Varshets, which is 35 km away from the town of Montana. From the exit of the town of Montana, southeast in direction to Vratsa, on the E-79 it takes about 12 km, then turn right on the road 1621 (south). Varshets can be reached by car, bus, bicycle or on foot.
The town of Varshets is famous for the curative mineral water, that is why it is called the city of health. Mineral water springs from several springs with a temperature of about 37° C. The water is clear, colorless, soft and slightly mineralized. It has healing and drinking qualities and is pleasant to taste. The water is located in a large fountain with several spouts in the eastern part of the center to the polyclinic.
The city of health is a favorite spa and balneo destination by many tourists all year round. There are many holiday homes, guesthouses and spa hotels.
In Varshets you can visit the Art gallery, which has 664 canvases and 27 sculptures of wood, clay and gypsum. The Gallery Fund recruited its fund mainly from donations from artistic events held during the traditional “Holiday of the Resort, the Mineral Water and the Balkan“.
Also an interesting destination to visit is the Municipal Museum in Varshets, which is arranged in 4 sections: “Antique”; “Archaeological finds and coin collection”; “Balneology” and “Ethnography”.

The village of Spanchevtsi, also known for its mineral spring with remarkable curative qualities, is located 5 km west of the town along the road to Berkovitsa.
12 km west of the town, after the village of Spanchevtsi, is located the Klisurski monastery “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”.
Near the town (on the territory of Dolno Ozirovo village) a paleontological field of fossil fauna and flora of world renown was discovered.