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Route Rabisha-Magura Cave

A 14-kilometer long mountain bike trail, 200 meters total positive elevation and 200 meters negative one. The route passes around some of the biggest sights in northwestern Bulgaria – the Magura Cave, famous for its prehistoric drawings and mysterious stories. Scientists have discovered, analyzing found artifacts, that the cave was inhabited 12,000 years ago. Nearby is the karst lake Rabisha, which crystal clear waters spring from the bowels of the Magura cave. The place has many legends and is filled with a special kind of magic and charm. Rabisha’s waters are perfect for swimming and fishing. Nearby is also the Complex Magura, where tourists could relax or just overnight. The complex has a restaurant, a spa and an outdoor pool.

Starting point: village of Rabisha. There is a bus from Belogradchik 2 times a week to the village of Rabisha, but it is wise to plan a trip by car, bicycle or taxi. Rabisha is located at a distance of 22km from Belogradchik and 45km from Vidin.