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Route from Belogradchik to Borovitsa

Mountain-biking route for e-mountain bikes, difficulty – average, distance 8.5 km, total climb 144 m, total descent 400 m. This is a route that will take you through the fairy paths passing around some of the Belogradchik rocks. Breathtaking views of the rocks are constantly around. On the itinerary you will see some interesting places like Borov Kamak, the Red Church and for the final you will have the opportunity to visit the Borovitsa cellar where you can enjoy superb wines.

Borov kamak /Pine stone/ represent a truly impressive rock formed by erosion over millions of years. Although it is part of the Belogradchik Rocks, Borov Kamak is distinguished by its majestic size – 113 m in height, 180 m in length and 120 m in width. The rock is divided into two, the eastern part being larger in size and height. The western is lower and is marked by a sharp end.
The name of the rock is from ancient times and originates from the pine trees on its ridge, which have been there since countless years. From these pines comes the name of the village of Borovitsa.

The “Red Church” near the village of Borovitsa is distinguished by a unique structure and architecture, built entirely of red stone, cut by the local rocks, the temple was built by Italian masters and local stonemasons in 1866. The name of the church is Holy Trinity and it is located under the majestic Pine Stone.

Starting point: Belogradchik