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Route Belogradchik-Lepenica-Isvos

The route for mountain electric bikes is 8 km long, 140 m ascent and 350 m downhill. The route is suitable for moderately advanced. The route starts from the town of Belogradchik, passes through breathtaking views to the rocks, and through the magical Lepenica cave, which will make you feel like the time has come back a few millennia ago.

Lepenitsa Cave is located in Markashnitsa and has the same reddish color as the Belogradchik Rocks. The cave is horizontal and easily accessible for visitors. There are 2 floors and the second one forms a wonderful panoramic veranda overlooking some of the beautiful Belogradchik rocks. The top of the vault is rounded, which guarantees outstanding acoustics. The rocks above the cave have an ancient sanctuary and an astronomical map carved into the stone. It is estimated at 8000-8500 years, with the oldest artifacts found in it at about 7000 years. Along the entrance of Lepenica, the Belogradchik Archaeological Society has built a small hut full of natural materials, a model of the ancient prehistoric dwellings.
The route finishes in the village of Izvos, 4 km. from Belogradchik.

Starting point: Belogradchik