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Route Belogradchik-Dabravka-Weshtitsa-Rabisha

Route for e-mountain bikes with a length of 22km with an ascent of 330m and a descent of 630m. The route is light and suitable for beginners and intermediate level bikers. It starts from the center of the town of Belogradchik and passes through the fortress. It continues along the second largest Observatory in Bulgaria, all the time the route is on broad terrain. While traveling, you will see many and varied amazing rock formations. The first stop along the route is the village of Dabravka, known for its production of dairy delicacies in an ecologically clean environment. Next to the route is the village with the most interesting name in Bulgaria – Witch, where you can meet with fabulous heroes … The last village is the village of Rabisha, famous with the Rabisha Lake with crystal clear waters springing from the Magura cave. The cave has interesting rock paintings from antiquity. If you get tired of walking, you can stay for relaxing or overnight in Magura complex, where you will enjoy superb cuisine, spa and massages. Starting point: Belogradchik.