Cireșu-Marga-Șiroca-Sfodea-Malarișca-Podeni- Bahna Valley-Canton

The trail starts from the centre of Cireşu (32 km from Drobeta Turnu Severin, on DJ607B and 27 km from Orsova, on DN6 then on DJ607C) in the direction of Jupăneşti village and after 1.5 km it turns on the right in the southeast on the “Cornet” of the Cave (cornet = limestone hill on which the cornus mas predominantly grows). In the point called “La Varniţă” starts the tourist path that descends to the Topolnița Cave (one of the largest and most beautiful caves) and then to Prosăc, where the river Topolniţa starts its underground road of almost one km (one of the most spectacular portals in Romania). The trail continues to the Marga village, at 7,5 km it reaches the DJ670 that connects Drobeta Turnu Severin to Baia de Aramă and after only one km, in the Şiroca village, leaves the county road and heads northwards, descending to the stream bed of Topolniţa on a quite steep slope. Hence the trail follows the Topolniţa course upstream, passes through the Sfodea village and then on a road that heads to Malarișca. From Malarișca, the trail descends to Podeni; from there it follows the Bahna River on an 11 km section to the Canton Salvamont from where it ascends to Cireşu.