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The route described is an opportunity for a start-up in town Chiprovtsi, Montana District. The length of the route is about 27 kilometers with about 1029 meters of climb and 1028 meters of descent. The route is extremely difficult and is suitable for advanced. The end point is the highest peak in Yazova Mountain – Gorno Yazovo peak /1573,20 m/. This is a route with stunning views and very high complexity, which will be a test to the limit of the spirit and body. The route is very advanced for both climbing and descending.

The starting point of the route is the town of Chiprovtsi, which is 35 km away from the town of Montana and 47 km northwest of the town of Berkovitsa. From the exit of the town of Montana, on the west by road 102 tyou will travel about 23 km, then turn left and turn on road 1022 for town Chiprovtsi. Chiprovtsi can be reached by car, bus, bicycle or on foot.

The route starts from the town of Chiprovtsi, where tourists can visit the historical museum. It features the unique exhibits of authentic Chiprovtsy carpets, with its distinctive bright colors and mysterious symbols. The museum is under number 69 in the Hundred National tourist sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union.
5 km northeast of the town is Chiprovtsi Monastery “St. Ivan Rilski “, burned and re-erected six times during the Turkish times.
20 km northeast of the town of Chiprovtsi is the Lopushanski monastery “St. Ioan the Precursor” with unique icons painted by Samokov icon-painters.
At the northeastern foot of the Yazov Mountain passes the boundary line between the Western Fore-Balkan and the Western Stara Planina. It is situated between the valleys of the Lom river in the northwest and Ogosta river in the southwest and southeast, which separate it from Chiprovtsi mountain. It is connected to the Chiprovtsi Mountain through a saddle, 1383 m high, in the area of the Debel Rid Ridge. To the northeast, the valley of Prevalska Ogosta River (the left tributary of Ogosta) and the Preval Saddle (535 m) separate it and at the same time connect it to the Shiroka Mountain, which is part of the Western Prebalkan. The mountain stretches from west-northwest to the east-southeast along a distance of 15 km and its width is 5 km. Its ridge is sharp with steep slopes. Built from granite and paleozoic crystalline rocks. On this basis there are deposits of polymetal ores from pyrite, magnetite, siderite, chalcopyrite and galena in the area of Chiprovtsi and Martinovo village. On the periphery of the mountain are situated town Chiprovtsi and 6 villages: Martinovo and Jelezna in the south, Mitrovci, Gorna Luka and Prevala to the north and Gorni Lom to the northwest. The locals call the highest peak of the Yazovata mountain – Gorno Yazovo Peak with the interesting authentic names – Zabraz and Ostra Chuka.