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The described route represents a nice opportunity for a transition with the start of the village of Kopilovtsi, Montana district to Kopren hut and back on a different route. The length of the route is about 12 kilometers with 400 meters of positive displacement. The route is suitable for beginners and intermediate. The climbing to the hut passes along the asphalt road to the hut, and the descending, which is moderately advanced, passes through a panoramic road.

The hut is located in the Oreshkovka Chuka area, in the Chiprovtsi Mountains, under Kopren peak. It is a one-storey building with 11 double rooms and two suites, with a total capacity of 30 beds. Each room has its own bathroom. There are two bungalows in the area – 4 beds in total. The building is water-supplied and electrified, with central heating in the winter. It has a tourist kitchen and a dining room. The road to the hut is asphalt, there is a parking lot. The view from the hut to Kopren peak is majestic and gives a sense of alpine space and beauty.
Cyclists can leave their bicycles in Kopren hut and continue up the fairy eco-trail leading to Kopren waterfalls and is well-marked. Three are the most famous waterfalls – Durshin skok, Voden skok and Lanzhin skok. They are located in different places, with a height of 5 to 10 meters. The most full of water are when the snow melts in spring or after rain. Along the eco trail, there are many smaller water falls and fairy forms of nature, such as centuries-old trees, whose trunks are already covered with turquoise moss, bizarre rock forms covered with mosses and lichens, salamanders and various plants.

The starting point of the route is the village of Kopilovtsi, which is 34 km away from the town of Montana. From the exit of town Montana to the west on the road 102 you will travel about 15 km, then turn left and turn on road 1024. The village can be reached by car, bus, bicycle or on foot.

The route starts from the village of Kopilovtsi. It is located in Georgi Damyanovo municipality, Montana district and is 3 km away on air from the border with Serbia. In the locality of Aldintsi in the village are found remains of a Thracian hill. In the village there is a temple-sanctuary with votive tiles from this period. It has a rich history from Roman times. On the territory of Kopilovtsi were found Roman fibulaes (brooches), Roman copper and silver coins. The fountain in the center of the village also dates from the Roman epoch (I-II century) and is called the Latin fountain. In the Middle Ages, the village was prosperous due to the rich deposits of precious metals – gold, silver, lead, copper and iron. It has attracted foreign settlers from many places. The village has a rich history of trade and craftsmanship, mostly related to carpets.
The rivers thar are passing through the village: Leva, Dobrevska, Milina and Grafska. Inflowing into one another, they form the Kopilovska River, which at Popov Bridge flows into the Drogodelska Ogosta – a tributary of the Ogosta River.
The region, where the village of Kopilovtsi is located, is mountainous and there are many opportunities for nature walks – eco trails, picnic zones, etc.
15 km from the village in the direction to Montana is the Lopushanski Monastery “St. John the Precursor “with unique icons painted by Samokov icon-painters.