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The route described and attached as a GPX file represents a pleasant opportunity for a transition with the town of Chiprovtsi, Montana. The length of the route is about 15 kilometers with about 736 meters of climb and 736 meters of descent. The route is suitable for moderately advanced.

Chiprovtsi Waterfall is a picturesque 18-meter waterfall located in a protected area in the Balkan–Stara planina Mountain, above the town of Chiprovtsi. Next to it is the eco-trail “Deyanitsa”, which starts in a semi-earth road from the end of the town. It passes close to the Gushovski Monastery, destroyed during the Chiprovtsi Uprising, but whose authentic remains can still be seen today. There is an opportunity for recreation of tourist – tables and benches, as well as an authentic landmark – a cross on the hill, on some hundred meters from the monastery, where annually the anniversary of the Chiprovtsi Uprising is celebrated.
A little further up from Goshovski Monastery is situated “Yavor” hut. To the attention of cyclists, the route is suitable for cycling to Yavor hut where you can leave your bicycles. From the hut to the waterfall, the route is pedestrian only. Close to Yavor hut is the newly built adventure park “Prikliuchentsi”, a place for recreation and entertainment for young and old.
Chiprovtsi Waterfall is mostly full of water in the spring, but it does not dry in the summer.
Information signboards on key locations have been placed, indicating the direction of the waterfall. The transition to the waterfall takes about 1.30 hours in one direction. In the upper part, the eco trail goes along the valley of the Stara Reka River and is rather steep and difficult to climb even for experienced tourists. The thick shade of the century-old beech trees offers opportunities for relaxation. The Eco Trail crosses the river along wooden bridges, ensuring coolness, fabulous forest pictures and scenic views of many rapid streams and small waterfalls.

The starting point of the route is the town of Chiprovtsi, which is 35 km away from the town of Montana and 47 km northwest of the town of Berkovitsa. From the exit of the town of Montana, on the west by road 102 tyou will travel about 23 km, then turn left and turn on road 1022 for town Chiprovtsi. Chiprovtsi can be reached by car, bus, bicycle or on foot.

The route starts from the town of Chiprovtsi, where tourists can visit the historical museum. It features the unique exhibits of authentic Chiprovtsy carpets, with its distinctive bright colors and mysterious symbols. The museum is under number 69 in the Hundred National tourist sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union.
5 km northeast of the town is Chiprovtsi Monastery “St. Ivan Rilski “, burned and re-erected six times during the Turkish times.
20 km northeast of the town of Chiprovtsi is the Lopushanski monastery “St. Ioan the Precursor” with unique icons painted by Samokov icon-painters.