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The route described represents a pleasant opportunity for a transition with the starting point of the House – Museum “Ivan Vazov” in the town of Berkovitsa. The level of difficulty is high. The length of the route is about 30 km with a maximum displacement of 1511 m.

The new Hut “Kom” is located in the picturesque Berkovski Balkan (part of Stara planina mountain) in the Gorna Koriya area at 1,506 meters above sea level. It can be reached by a very narrow and somewhat eroded, mountainous, asphalt road, which is very suitable for mountain bikes. The road flows through many picturesque ancient beechforests, like in the fairy tales. In many places, breathtaking panoramic views are found. From the last sharp turn before the hut, there is a view of the majestic Vratsa Balkan (part of Stara planina mountain), the Danube Plain and the Ogosta Dam in the Panorama area. This place is also a favourite stop for every tourist for a photo.
The hut itself is a massive two-storey building with 120 beds and central heating. Most rooms have sinks and toilets, and the bathrooms are common for a storey. There are 12 seasonal bungalows (48 beds) in the area with external bathrooms. The building is water-supplied and electrified. It has a restaurant, a tourist kitchen and a dining room. There is a parking lot at the hut.
Once you have charged with the energy and have taken rest in the fresh air, you can leave the bikes in the hut and go to the top of the Berkovski Balkan (part of Stara planina mountain) – peak Kom (2 016 m above sea level). The path is supplied with signborads.
During the winter season, tourists can take advantage of the Kom ski slope where they can rent ski equipment and ski instructors. The ski run is about 1.5 km away, long, spacious and well trampled. It descends from Mount Malki Kom, located at 1 959 m above sea level. There are two ski lifts. The new ski lift is 800 meters long. The tow is of “anchor” type for two people. The old ski lift is designed for children.

The starting point of the route is “Ivan Vazov” House – Museum in Berkovitsa, which is located 25 km from the town of Montana. From the exit of the town of Montana, southwest in the direction to Sofia through the Petrohan pass, you take E-81 roud about 19 km, then you turn southwest and turn on the road to the town of Berkovitsa. Berkovitsa can be reached by car, bus, railway transport, by bicycle or on foot. “Ivan Vazov” House Museum is located near the city center.

The route starts from “Ivan Vazov” House Museum in the town of Berkovitsa. In this house the author lived while he was chairman of the district court in Berkovitsa – 7 March 1879 – 18 September 1880. The house is a remarkable cultural object, built in the beginning of the 19th century and has a typical interior and exterior for the Bulgarian Renaissance. The exposition in the museum presents a creative path to Ivan Vazov, with the greatest attention being paid to his Berkovitsa period.
Thanks to his residence in Berkovitsa, Ivan Vazov’s creative work has produced a number of works that are dedicated and written for this region. The more significant are the poems “Na Kom”, “Malini”, the poem “Gramada”, the novel “Mitrofan and Dormidolski“.
Next to the house-museum “Ivan Vazov” is located the Ethnographic museum, which is on the list of the 100 national tourist sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. The museum houses thousands of artifacts and folk customs – carpets, woven fabrics, clothing, jewelery, household items, and some ancient customs and traditions. During the Ottoman rule, Berkovitsa was developed as a craft settlement, mainly in the production of pottery.

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