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The described route is a nice opportunity for a start-up transition – the town of Berkovitsa. The length of the route is about 15 kilometers with a maximum displacement of 783 meters. The route is suitable for advanced.

From the town of Berkovitsa, on the right of the bifurcation of the peak Kom, take the road to the area of Haidushkite Vodopadi (Waterfalls). The road is semi-earth, perfectly suited for electric mountain bikes, winding around the Golema River and crossing some of its tributaries. On this route, an eco trail is established, which starts from the “Bashilishte” area, in the waters of “Golyama Reka” and “Short River”, crosses two rivers – Slivka Bara and Sredna Bara, which have several water cascades. The path leads to magnificent views of the Kaysi Del and Tuzlata”.

Nature Reserve “Haidushki Vodopadi (Waterfalls)” was declared a protected area in 1971 (an area of 1.04 ha) in order to protect the waterfalls. “Haidushki Vodopadi (Waterfalls)” are some small waterfalls with a height of 2-3 m. They have a unique charm and glamaour. Located in the rarely beautiful valley of the Golyama River, they make part of a protected area 9 km away from the town, where the waters of the Tsenkova, Slivka and Sredna Bara“ are getting together.
The road is winding up in forests with centuries-old trees, some of which are covered with moss and have mysterious and whimsical shapes. Deep silence is disturbed only by the pleasant sound of the streams. Tourists who choose this route will be able to enjoy the coolness and freshness of this mysterious valley in the summer and escape the heat. Near the waterfalls here are landscaping grounds and picnics, gazebo and fire places that are convenient for a picnic.
There is a legend that under the bottom skate of the rocks around these waterfalls were once hiding haidouts. According to the old mountaineers, there were more springs in the past, and the waters were full of fish. Also common for the area are the stories about the specific blue coloration of the water that the children made by shredding roots from ash tree in the it. The area was a favourite place for swimming and games for children and adolescents.
The area is enchantingly picturesque. The matt-green background of the trees harmoniously blends the silver-covered lichen and sweet fern dark rocks and create an indescribable atmosphere. Upward, you can see only a piece of the sky through which sun rays penetrate and give a shine to the water fairy of dust-splashed crystal splashes of the brooks, as well as the glamour of the emerald moss and vegetation. This is the perfect place to relax the senses, the soul and the body.

The starting point of the route is the town of Berkovitsa, which is located 25 km from the town of Montana. From the exit of the town of Montana, southwest in the direction to Sofia through the Petrohan pass, E-81 you travel about 19 km, then you turn southwest and then turn on the road to the town of Berkovitsa. Berkovitsa can be reached by car, bus, railway transport, by bicycle or on foot.

The route starts from the town of Berkovitsa, where tourists can visit some attractions such as the House-museum “Ivan Vazov”, where tourists can learn about the history of this great Bulgarian, focusing on the period in which he lived and worked in Berkovitsa. They can also visit the Ethnographic Museum and learn about the lifestyle and customs of the local population. The museum keeps thousands of items of crafts and folk customs – carpets, fabrics, garments, jewelry, objects of domestic life and some long-held customs and traditions. During the Ottoman rule, Berkovitsa was a well developed craft settlement, mainly in the production of pottery.

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