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The described route is a nice opportunity for a start-up from the pretty village of Krapchene at the foot of the Pastrina. The level of difficulty is medium-tech. The length of the route is 12 kilometers with 460 meters of positive displacement and the same is the descent. The trail passes through the hunting hut of the village of Krapchene, where tourists can relax.

The starting point of the route is the village of Krapchene, which is located 8 km from the town of Montana. From the exit of the town of Montana, in the direction to Vratsa, you must travel on E-79 about 4 km, then you take the road to the town of Pleven and enter the village. To reach this place you can go by car, bus /on Montana – Pleven line/, by bicycle or on foot.

Pastrina Mountain is a picturesque isolated hill lying to the east of the town of Montana, which is part of the Western Forebalkan. It has been declared a protected area under Directive 92/43 / EEC for the Conservation of Natural Habitats and Wild Flora and Fauna, by Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 122 from 2 March 2007, /promulgated in Officia Gazette no. 21 from 09.03.2007/. It is oval in shape and is approximately 8-9 km (North-South) to 7-8 km (East West). It marks the boundary between West Balkan and the Western Danube Plain. It is located between the Ogosta River and its tributaries Shugavitsa and Botunya. Pastrina Mountain is considerably steeper than its western part, along the Shugavitsa River and dotted with rock wreaths, and on the south side its slopes are more slanting and more suitable for hiking and trekking. The highest point of the ridge is Mount Pastrina of the same name – 563.4 m, situated on a rock wreath southeast of the village of Dolno Belotintsi. From the ridge of Pastrina there is a panoramic view of the Danube Plain, the Western Stara Planina with the leaders Midzhur Peak, Tri Chuki Peak and Kom Peak, Ogosta Dam and Vrachanski Balkan.

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